Premium Direct Printed Mylar Bags

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Package your products in style with our fully custom direct print bags! Have your design printed directly onto our bags with features such as holographic, dual matte/gloss printing and more!

The minimum order quantity for direct printed bags is 1,000. If you require a different quantity to what the drop down menu offers please contact us for a quote. Looking to order a lesser quantity? Check out our labelled bags

Important information to note -

A DIRECT PRINT MYLAR BAG DESIGN IS REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT. When ordering please upload your artwork with your order, ensuring artwork is provided for the front, back and bottom of the bags. If you have issues uploading your artwork it can be emailed over to - please include your order number with the email. If you do not have artwork for direct print bags please give as much information as possible in the design brief. Nothing goes to print until you’re happy with the artwork. 

Processing time is 14- 21 days. If you have ordered a direct print design from us this doesn’t include the timeframe of the design which is 5-7 working days. After you have placed your order most will receive a proof before printing - please see details below regarding this. check this carefully as once confirmed we are unable to make changes, check all spellings and the layout thoroughly - nothing goes to print until you've confirmed the proof. 

Proof. A proof is not a test print but your artwork supplied on the printing template for you to check spacing, sizing etc. If you use our template to supply your artwork we can send your order straight to print unless it is a dual print. For dual prints an extra proof will be sent over to you; this will detail which layers will have which finish. If you have received a proof please note we will not begin production until you confirm the proof, please check layout carefully along with spelling etc. Once production has began we are unable to make any changes. 

Zipper style. We offer 2 zipper options, standard or childproof. Both styles are resealable and can be heat sealed. The standard option is just one zipper at the top of the back. The child proof option is a zipper at the top and one hidden on the back of the bag - both zippers must be pulled to open this style bag.

Print finishes. We offer a variety of print finishes on our direct printed bags, we have labelled the images on this page so you can see the difference between finishes. Please note for a true ‘metalized’ gold or silver holographic material must be selected. 

Gloss - The whole bag is a gloss finish.

Matte - The whole bag is a matte finish. 

Soft touch - Visually similar to matte but with a premium smooth finish. (Same style as cookies bags.)

Holographic - The whole bag can have the holographic effect or you can select which parts of the design are holographic (see images for examples.) If you require part holographic please detail exactly which part of the design you would like holographic. This option is required for a true gold or silver colour. 

MetallicThis finish is available as either metallic + matte or metallic + gloss. When ordering please detail exactly which part of the design you would like metallic.

Dual matte + gloss - The bags are matte and you select which parts of the artwork you would like gloss. 

Designs. We are happy to now offer multiple designs per order. If placing an order that includes multiple designs we recommend sending the artwork via email - artwork must all have a front, back and bottom. If you require artwork it can be purchased on our designs page.


1-2g - 76mm x 114mm

3.5g - 99mm x 127mm 

7g - 102mm x 165mm

14g - 127mm x 207mm

28g - 152mm x 235mm