The Ultimate Guide to Pre Roll Tubes for your marijuana business

The Ultimate Guide to Pre Roll Tubes for your marijuana business

Pre-roll tube packaging quality and standards are more crucial than ever for online and offline dispensaries, processors, manufacturers, and independent brands. Pre-rolled joints, cones, blunts, and spliffs are consistently in demand. Due to this rise in demand, there is an increasing requirement for premium pre roll tubes and pre-roll tube packaging.

Users of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes can transport their pre-roll products reliably at home or on the go with the correct pre-roll tube packing. Quality weed packaging bags may help businesses stand out, attract the correct attention, and effectively express the product's significant benefits and distinctive features.

The pre-roll tube is the industry standard for packaging "pre-rolls," despite the availability of a wide range of goods, including simple cigarette boxes and child-resistant boxes with sliding mechanisms. Dispensaries and brands are drawn to the affordable prices, wide availability, and customizable possibilities of these tubes since they are available in a wide range of patterns, styles, sizes, and materials.

What are Pre-roll Tubes?

These tubes are specially created cylindrical containers that were engineered. Their main goal is to sell, preserve, seal, protect, and make pre-roll transport quick, easy, and secure. They are built of various materials, including glass, metal, biodegradable natural hemp, and polypropylene (a food-grade plastic).

Due to a unique opening mechanism, the plastic tubes are commonly referred to as "pop top tubes." The lid "pops" open when you squeeze the pliable plastic towards the tube's top. 

Importance of pre roll tubes

Quality weed packaging bags and pre roll tubes are necessary to make handling loose, dry herbs and easy-to-break joints easier.

Maintains freshness

A pre-roll tube is best if you enjoy rolling multiple joints or herbal cigarettes at once. It protects them from going bad and keeps them from drying out or burning too rapidly.

Suppression of Odor

When you smoke half a joint at once, certain dried herbs smell more than others. Close the tube's cap to dampen the scent or render it inconspicuous to prevent this lingering stench.


It's crucial to keep your products out of the reach of children because they have a curious nature. Should children come upon the herbs, a joint tube makes it more difficult for them to reach them.

Ensures Discretion

The fragrance from carrying an unrolled joint or one that has only been partially smoked draws undue attention. You may carry your joints anywhere you go with a pre-roll tube.

Why Pre-roll Tube Packaging Is a Good Choice

  • Easily adaptable to satisfy almost any need or desire
  • A large variety of styles, sizes, and designs are available
  • Affordable & cost-effective
  • Available in large quantities
  • Smell/odor-proof alternatives that dependably preserve the freshness of products
  • Child-proof packaging
  • Countless bespoke branding options 

Custom and Standard Pre-Roll Tube Sizes

Pre roll tubes come in various lengths, diameters, and shape options. Both custom and industry-standard sizes are available for purchase.

Examples of Standard Sizes Include:

  • 16mm
  • 90mm
  • 98mm
  • 116mm

Most dispensaries stock various sizes appropriate for each product line they sell, including different-sized blunts and joints.

Custom Branding for Quality Pre Roll Tubes

Although pre roll tubes are standard, they may be modified in several ways to meet the demands of brands and dispensaries.

Among the customization choices include, but are not restricted to:

  • Tube shade
  • Stickers for pre roll tubes
  • Graphics are printed directly on the tube.
  • Shrink wrap around the tube that is branded and made to order 

Airtight, odor-proof packaging

Pre-roll tubes made to a high grade will have an airtight seal to maintain freshness and odor control. These tubes are specially designed to lock in perfume while excluding oxidizing air and harmful moisture. They perform a similar function to odor-proof bags.

Explore your options at DC Packaging

At DC Packaging, we are committed to assisting our customers' growth and prosperity by providing them with the best products at incredible prices. We ensure you have the best weed packaging bags for your company by engineering and producing our pre-roll tube packaging to the highest standards. We offer all you need to safeguard the integrity of your pre-roll items, improve your brand's reputation, inspire consumer trust, and increase sales, from specialized printing and branding to one-of-a-kind packaging solutions.

Our 115mm Pre-Roll Tubes are a simple, practical, and secure way to package pre-rolls and cigars. They are available in boxes of 100 or 500.

Our pre roll tubes have a positive seal for improved freshness. They are constructed of recyclable medical-grade BPA-free polypropylene plastic. To provide secure storage and privacy, the odor-tight seal significantly reduces odor. The availability of specific colors can vary, so if you have a preference, please get in touch with us.

Our pre-labeled custom pre roll tubes are available (sticker applied to tube). You can also provide a detailed design brief for custom pre roll tube packaging. 

Get in touch with an expert who can help you find the ideal solution for your needs, budget, and timeframe by calling or sending a message. We have you covered from start to finish, from primary pre-roll tubes to complete customization.