Why Do Cannabis Companies Use Custom Mylar Bags for Packaging?

Why Do Cannabis Companies Use Custom Mylar Bags for Packaging?

For a good reason, mylar bags are the most popular type of packaging utilized in the cannabis market. It's safe to conclude that the majority of marijuana users frequently buy more than they intend to smoke that day. No ordinary container will do due to the potency of marijuana and its susceptibility to the weather. From the consumer's perspective, it pays to exercise extreme caution when possessing marijuana. You need packaging that can contain the scent of weeds. In this light, marijuana mylar bags are a crucial component of long-term cannabis storage. Additionally, it shields your cannabis from unpleasant odors. From a seller's perspective, it's also a great way to market your goods. The images on mylar bags can be customized to include the name and brand of your business, turning them into promotional materials. Custom print mylar bags are highly sought-after in the market.

It's crucial to know what causes cannabis to deteriorate and how to stop it from happening to your bud when thinking about cannabis packaging.

The two most popular containers for storing cannabis are glass jars and Mylar bags. Both of which are good choices. However, a closer examination reveals that Mylar bags are the greatest option for long-term marijuana storage. Mylar bags are more affordable, offer more customization options, and maintain freshness better than jars.

Let's take a closer look at what Mylar bags are and why cannabis companies use them for packaging.

Mylar bags

DuPont Chemical Company created a specific kind of material called Mylar in the 1950s. Since its discovery, mylar has been used in a wide range of applications. The most common usage is for helium balloons.

Due to its ability to block oxygen, heat, and moisture, mylar is perfect for long-term food preservation. Mylar bags are frequently used to store cannabis as a result. Similar to vacuum-sealed bags, mylar bags serve to safeguard the object being stored from damage. These bags don't easily tear and are quite light. They are perfect for a retail setting because they are very simple to brand and customize.

Mylar bags are superior to traditional plastic storage bags in that they not only keep the air out, but they also lock it in, making them a smell-proof solution. Due to the fact that they prevent air from escaping, these bags are excellent for storing cannabis. A humidity pack and a Mylar bag provide the ideal cannabis storage container. The cannabis will still taste and smell as good as the first day, even after a year of storage in Mylar bags.

Long-term cannabis storage in Mylar bags

People who use cannabis for recreational, therapeutic, and medicinal causes frequently use Mylar bags. In addition, the owners of well-known dispensaries utilize these bags for preserving the freshness of cannabis buds for customers.

Mylar bags are ideal for cannabis preservation for a number of reasons. When the materials are kept in these bags, they are shielded from oxygen, light, and moisture. Compounds in cannabis buds deteriorate when exposed to light, moisture, or air. Many terpenes change when exposed to light. They are in charge of imparting the distinctive aroma to the cannabis strain, which disappears when exposed to light. Cannabis can be kept in a mylar bag for unlimited periods of time since the terpene flavor is best preserved in a cold, dark atmosphere.

Advantages Of Mylar Bags

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Mylar bags stand out from other storage containers thanks to their numerous storing benefits. The best option for storing cannabis is mylar bags because they maintain the product's purity even after several years. Here are some benefits that it has:

Preserve the quality and extend shelf life

By keeping oxygen and moisture out, mylar prolongs the shelf life of the cannabis product. Therefore, storing weed in a mylar bag is beneficial since it maintains the weed’s quality and increases its shelf life.

Opaque in nature

A bud must be stored in an opaque bag where light cannot enter because it can alter its color, taste, flavor, and strength. Mylar bags are the best option because they are completely opaque. The bags maintain the original flavor, color, and odor of the buds while blocking light, thanks to the aluminum in the foil's core.

Keeps the product fresh

Food degradation is mostly brought on by air and water over time. However, food products remain fresh for a long time since mylar bags keep water and air out. Cannabis must always be kept sealed because doing so will keep the buds fresh.

Devoid of toxicity

Numerous plastic bags contain dangerous chemicals that seep into the food they hold. Plastic storage bags are made of synthetic substances, which means that they could contaminate food. In mylar bags, there are no such hazardous substances. Because mylar bags keep pollutants at bay, it is safe to store edibles or cannabis in them.


A Mylar bag can be sealed easily. They are typically sealed with a clamshell heat sealer or an impact heat sealer. However, there won't be a problem if you don't have any sealer. The bag can be heated just as well by using an iron or a hair straightener. Keep in mind that mylar bags need to be heat-sealed in order to be effective.


Mylar bags are incredibly resilient and won't be damaged even after being washed and having the original seal broken. Any other food product can be preserved in a previously used mylar bag while maintaining its flavor and aroma.


In contrast to other storage bags, mylar bags are tear-resistant. They can support the weight of a food product being transported for a long time. Throughout the duration of storage, neither the bag nor the items are harmed.

Available in a range of sizes

Mylar bags are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to store any type of item. Since it makes it easy to preserve many cannabis varieties, this quality is particularly helpful for cannabis storage. By keeping the air out, the mylar bag protects natural potency.

Resistant to odor (Smell Proof)

The mylar bag prevents any food product's odor from escaping. The bag doesn't take in the aroma. The bag, however, keeps the odor for several months. Cannabis' flavor is greatly influenced by its scent. As a result, mylar bags are frequently used to store cannabis since they maintain the drug's aroma.

Tips to store your weed – what producers want you to know

You'll need to take additional steps to keep your cannabis bud safe and fresh for as long as possible. To preserve the quality of your cannabis for a long time, abide by these cannabis storage suggestions:

Keep out of reach of children

Make sure that children cannot access the storage space. For further security, you can purchase mylar bags resistant to youngsters with a security seal that they cannot open. Having a secure cannabis bag keeps you calm, even if you have nosy children at home.

Put in a cool location

People smoke cannabis because it contains heat-sensitive terpenes and THC. The better the temperature control options are for keeping cannabis, as terpene flavor and potency can deteriorate over time, even when kept in a heated room.

Do not expose to light

The primary marijuana ingredient that produces bliss is THC. Light, especially UV light, can destroy THC in the bud, reducing the high. In addition, some terpenes are photosensitive and deteriorate when exposed to light.

Even though mylar bags are opaque, we still need caution when making weed buds last longer. Keep the mylar bag housing the buds in the dark to block the light completely.

Keep in a dry location.

The best way to retain any cannabis product for a long time is to keep it dry. No moisture should exist, simply controlled humidity. When moisture levels are high, mold and microbial contamination might happen. Despite the fact that mylar bags are airtight, they must be kept in a dry environment for storage.

Clearly mark the Mylar bag

Once you've sealed the mylar bag, don't forget to label it with the date and the strain's name. You can get specific information about the time you saved it from this. Everyone at home will be able to identify it more quickly with a label. Even if you forget the packing date, the label will make it easier for you to remember.


Mylar bags have proven to be the best cannabis storage option thus far. Unlike other plastic bags made of synthetic chemicals, mylar bags are free of these dangerous elements. Furthermore, plastic bags won't be able to shut as air tightly and odorless as Mylar bags can.

Some people find glass jars to be appealing, but the child-resistant varieties will ultimately fill up with air, providing the cannabis within a shorter shelf life than Mylar. The only option left is mylar bags, which satisfy all requirements for long-term cannabis storage without compromising quality or potency. This is the primary reason that dispensaries store marijuana in large Mylar bags.

We advise buying Mylar bags if you intend to grow or purchase cannabis in large quantities in order to preserve the product's freshness for the longest time feasible. You can get all the weed packaging bags you need from DC Packaging in one place! Our extensive line of mylar bags can be tailored to meet your unique product and branding. Together, you and our talented staff will design the ideal bags for your enterprise. We can assist you in creating a mylar bag that accurately represents your company, whether you're searching for something elegant and understated or striking and striking.

We can assist you if you're prepared to place your order or need professional advice on selecting the ideal size, type, and quantity of packaging for your items. Contact us immediately to discuss using custom mylar bags for cannabis packaging with a trained staff member!